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Dexter or Sinister

I recently got into a conversation with someone about the show Dexter. The gentleman I was talking with is a fan of the show and reacted intensely to my criticism of the show. I should explain the context for this … Continue reading

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Anti-Heroes, Shadows and Villains

When it comes to creating villains for stories, we can flippantly go for the quick stereotype: the leering, mustache-twirling baddie, who spews out his evil laugh. But if we really want our stories to have depth, we need to go … Continue reading

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A Game for Tricksters and Shapeshifters

We don’t often think of mythic archetypes as something we would apply to our daily lives, especially figures like shapeshifters and tricksters.  And yet our own little personal mythologies can shape our social interactions. I’ve been thinking about this lately, … Continue reading

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Everyone is on a Journey

A lot has been written about the Hero’s Journey.  Even I have tossed in my two cents worth on the matter.  It can be very, very handy for any writer to know the shape of the Hero’s Journey.  But many … Continue reading

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