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Bros Versus Buds

When I wrote The Scribbler’s Guide to the Land of Myth, I dealt with sidekicks as an aspect of the Trickster.  Some of the discussions of the Child/Parent relationship affect sibling relations.  And certainly the Band of Companions will also … Continue reading

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Rick Castle – Trickster or Shapeshifter?

When we encounter a comedic character in stories, we often quickly categorize them as belonging to the Trickster archetype.  After all, most sidekicks are Tricksters, providing the comic relief, often serving to deflate the ego of the main character (think … Continue reading

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Everyone is on a Journey

A lot has been written about the Hero’s Journey.  Even I have tossed in my two cents worth on the matter.  It can be very, very handy for any writer to know the shape of the Hero’s Journey.  But many … Continue reading

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