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The Aspriring Writer – Shapeshifter

I had uploaded this video to YouTube last week, but didn’t link to it here yet.   I still have to upload the Trickster video as well, and then finish the series by doing the Shadow. Figure. Actually, the Trickster … Continue reading

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A Game for Tricksters and Shapeshifters

We don’t often think of mythic archetypes as something we would apply to our daily lives, especially figures like shapeshifters and tricksters.  And yet our own little personal mythologies can shape our social interactions. I’ve been thinking about this lately, … Continue reading

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Rick Castle – Trickster or Shapeshifter?

When we encounter a comedic character in stories, we often quickly categorize them as belonging to the Trickster archetype.  After all, most sidekicks are Tricksters, providing the comic relief, often serving to deflate the ego of the main character (think … Continue reading

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