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Noah And Messing With Mythologies

March 2014 saw the release of director Darren Aronofsky’s film, Noah, to much controversy and discussion. For many Christian members of the audience, the fact that a story from the Bible was being presented by an avowed atheist did not … Continue reading

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A World Of Meaning

I recently sat in on some discussions about world-building. It was geared primarily toward world-building for fantasy and science fiction worlds. When you are creating a totally different world, you have to account for the culture of that alien people. … Continue reading

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Tim Powers Enthuses About The Scribbler’s Guide

Last summer I attended Mythcon 42 in Dallas, where Tim Powers was the Guest of Honor. I’d been getting to know Tim in fits and starts over the last couple of years because he is a wonderful conversationalist. He is, … Continue reading

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Mythopoesis: Myth

The word “myth” is a slippery thing, for the minute one tries to pin it down with a rational description, it either dries up or slides out of reach. That eminent compendium of definition, theĀ Oxford English Dictionary gives the following … Continue reading

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“Why Do We Need a Hero’s Quest in Literature?”

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) It’s been a couple of months since I had last checked the visitor statistics on my website – mainly because the pointing of the principal URL is screwed up (trying to fix that right now). Even … Continue reading

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