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Mythic Stories and Stories From Myth

A few years ago, I was in a burger joint with my screenwriting group. We’d had a good morning session giving notes and were unwinding over lunch. At the next table over, there were two guys talking. They were obviously … Continue reading

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The Hero Quest and Society

I’m going to add a new feature category to this blog, called “Musings” (to join “Mythic Motifs at Work” and “Writing Tips”).  These will be more general considerations, rather than specific analyses or writing advice.  It is inspired by the … Continue reading

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Everyone is on a Journey

A lot has been written about the Hero’s Journey.  Even I have tossed in my two cents worth on the matter.  It can be very, very handy for any writer to know the shape of the Hero’s Journey.  But many … Continue reading

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Before Going “Up”

It’s one of those rules you learn in screenwriting courses: don’t front-load your tale with your Hero’s backstory.  Sure, you the author need to know it, but don’t explain it all up front.  Get on with your story, and explain … Continue reading

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