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The Aspriring Writer – Shapeshifter

I had uploaded this video to YouTube last week, but didn’t link to it here yet.   I still have to upload the Trickster video as well, and then finish the series by doing the Shadow. Figure. Actually, the Trickster … Continue reading

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The Aspiring Writer – Herald

I’ve had two of the remaining “Introduction to Archetypes” videos for the “Aspiring Writer” series on my computer for a year. I just hadn’t gotten around to uploading them. So I’m finally doing that. I still have to finish the … Continue reading

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Mythopoesis: Myth

The word “myth” is a slippery thing, for the minute one tries to pin it down with a rational description, it either dries up or slides out of reach. That eminent compendium of definition, the Oxford English Dictionary gives the following … Continue reading

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Mythopoesis: Characters

[mythopoesis: the making of myths or fantasy] The sky is a jewel-like blue. The broad moor hides its colors in a dark blanket. On the eastern horizon, dawn pours a cream and pink light into the air. And there silhouetted … Continue reading

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