The Aspiring Writer – Mentor

I had a lot of fun doing these animations.

Unfortunately, my laptop didn’t have as much fun — the program ran very hot on my laptop and burned out the video card. So I didn’t manage to finish the series on the traditional archetypes. I did do, in addition to the two that I’ve already posted, the Mentor, the Herald, the Threshold Guardian, and the Trickster. So I will be posting those. Doing the Shapeshifter and Shadow will have to wait until I can afford a new desktop computer that can handle the animation-generation program. (This will happen at some point, just not as soon as I might like.)

In the meantime, I will post the ones that are completed.

So, here you have the Aspiring Writer discussion of what a Mentor is.

And of course, I’ll remind you there is more in THE BOOK.

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