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To Be or Not To Be

One of the most over-worked verbs in the English language is … well, “is.” The “to be” forms show up all over the place. We think in terms of present existence. The problem with this simple, much used verb is … Continue reading

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Be a New Element

Ray Bradbury’s insights on being a writer —

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Speaking at a Writers Conference

Next weekend, I’ll be one of the speakers at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference, giving presentations on both Friday and Saturday. On Friday, at 4:45, I’ll be teaming with Maxwell Alexander Drake to discuss “Location, Location, Location”. Basically discussing … Continue reading

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The Aspiring Writer – Trickster

This video ought to go before the Shapeshifter one. The Trickster is a popular archetype in stories, because you want a character that can upset the apple cart in an adventure. They’re interesting, usually. I’ll be finishing the series with … Continue reading

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Dealing With Rejection

Someone in one of my Facebook groups posted a link to this blog about rejection, and any writer, aspiring or otherwise, ought to read it, just for the basics — A really good blog post about being turned down. Learning to … Continue reading

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