Speaking at a Writers Conference

Next weekend, I’ll be one of the speakers at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference, giving presentations on both Friday and Saturday.

On Friday, at 4:45, I’ll be teaming with Maxwell Alexander Drake to discuss “Location, Location, Location”. Basically discussing setting and world-building for writers. On Saturday, at 3: 15, I’ll be holding for on “The Hero’s Journey” with my friend, Eric Swelstad.

You do have to register for the whole conference to attend these sessions. There’s quite a lot of material of all sorts being covered by the programming so it is worth checking out.

This is definitely an opportunity for me to get in some more practice speaking on front of groups. And I’ll be able to sell copies of The Scribbler’s Guide to the Land of Myth at the event.

The Conference is co-sponsored by GLAWS (the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society) and by Los Angeles Valley College.

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Now residing in Las Vegas, I was born in Michigan and moved to Texas when 16. After getting my Masters degree in English, I moved to Hollywood, because of the high demand for Medievalists (NOT!). As a freelance writer and editor, I found Nevada offers better conditions for the wallet. I love writing all sorts of things, and occasionally also create some artwork.
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